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Professional Services

PrimeCo consultants are dedicated to creating innovative and customized Information and Communications Technology solutions on time and on budget. We offer our talent and knowledge to meet technological and engineering challenges across wireless, wired and integrated network services and infrastructures.

Develop End-to-End Systems Engineering Requirements

The PrimeCo Systems Engineer (SE) works closely with our client to evaluate and analyze the client needs.

The SE produces work plan for creating the Functional Specification Document (FSD). The work plan specifies the dates for draft FSD availability, conducting internal reviews and baselining the FSD.

The SE then collects all the input materials and produces detailed FSD that describes full set of capabilities and Customer Requirements.

Our expertise in this area includes:
  Systems Analysis
  Use Case Scenarios
  User Interface
  Application Functionality
  Performance and Capacity
  Reliability and Scalability Constraints
  Operations, Administration and Maintenance Functionality
  Error Recovery
  Acceptance Criteria
  Assumption and Risk Analysis

Design and Develop End-to-End Systems Architecture

Our domain of expertise includes:

On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) System - These systems have the characteristics that a user input (transaction) generates a response. OLTP system typically supports many concurrent users, with a relatively very short think plus response time requirements

Data Collection System - These systems typically collect a large volume of information in a relatively short time

Management Information Systems (i.e., Decision Support System) are used by Management to make strategic decisions based on historical trends. These systems typically operate on huge volumes of data

Service Management Systems are used to administer and provision a suite of independent services/resources on remote networked real-time databases and distributed customer premise equipment. These systems provide a centralized view of service instances; and have the capability to track usage patterns, perform trending across multiple services, and auditing of remote Network Elements

Real -Time Systems - These systems direct control of custom I/O devices. Their response time is typically in milli (micro) - seconds. Real - Time systems require high availability and reliability.

Develop and Implement Performance and Inter Systems Test Plans

Our expertise in this area includes:
  Developing Configuration Test Environments
  Stack to Stack testing
  Security testing
  Conformance tests
  Recovery tests
  Scalability Tests
  Application to Application tests

Design and Develop Application and End-to-End System Software

Our skills in this area include:

 Distributed Client Server Applications
 Open-Standard based Platforms
 Java Technologies - Servlets, JSP, RMI, JDBC/Swing/Applet, JNI
 XML Technologies - XSL, XSLT
 Network security Technologies including Secure Shell, IPSEC, SNMPv3 features
 Object-Oriented Programming, Analysis and Design
 Operating Systems - UNIX (HPUX, Solaris, UTS), Windows (95, 2000, NT)
 Service Management Systems
 Telecommunications Software in areas of Network Operations Support Systems, Intelligent Network Provisioning, Traffic Engineering, and Wireless Network Fault and Configuration Management<
 Web Site Design and Hosting

Modernize Telecommunications Network

PrimeCo engineers provide our customers with in-depth technical knowledge and operational experience in the broad domains of wireless and wired networks.

Our domain of expertise includes:

 Network Planning, Analysis and Design
 Traffic Management and Control for Heterogeneous Network Clusters
 Numbering Plan Area Management
 Access Networks
 Intelligent Network Services
 Integrated Services Network Design
 Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M)
 Method of Procedures (MOP) for Migrating Production systems to new Platforms in Real-Time with minimal service interruptions

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What's behind the PrimeCo Choice?

We take great pride in understanding the importance of our clients needs.

We provide individualized attention, coupled with unwavering dedication to help our clients reach their goals. At PrimeCo, we do not assume a "one-size-fits-all" solution for our clients. Our road to designing a seamless and customized solution is paved with innovation.

Let us help you:

Develop End-to-End Systems Engineering Requirements
Design and Develop End-to-End Systems Architecture
Develop and Implement Performance and Inter Systems Test Plans
Design and Develop Application and End-to-End System Software
Modernize Telecommunications Network