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  About Us

PrimeCo designs Information and Communications Technology systems software and provides professional services for small and large-scale enterprises. The company is a Resource and a Partner in creating solutions through innovation for our customers.

PrimeCo's Commitment

is to Create innovative Information and Communications Technology solutions on time and on budget. We partner with clients in Federal, State, Local and International Agencies, Industrial Firms, Academic Institutions and private organizations. We offer our talent and knowledge for meeting technological and engineering challenges in:

Developing end-to-end Communications Software Solutions
Wireless and Wired Multimedia Communications
Mobile Computing
Intelligent Network Systems
Service Management Systems
Relational Database Management Systems
Digital Video Security Systems
Telecommunications Network Engineering

What can PrimeCo do for You?

Bring advanced technology into existing domains at a low cost
Develop end-to-end IT solutions tailored to individual customer needs
Promote integration of new technologies into existing domain
Help organizations adopt the best new technologies for their needs
Apply years of comprehensive Communications Systems Engineering, Systems Architecture, Product Development and Systems Verification experiences to reach a common goal
Help companies and Institutions migrate manual operations and legacy systems to Open Standard-based platforms with comprehensive technology selection, Product Design and Development, Product Documentation, Testing and Training
Provide consulting in Telecommunication and Data Communication networks

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